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OVSPS Conference Submit Abstract

64th Annual Meeting Ohio Valley Society of Plastic Surgeons June 4-5, 2021 at the Galt House Louisville, KY

Abstract Submission Information/Requirements

Downloadable Disclosure Form


Please download, complete and save to your PC the "fillable" author disclosure form. Complete a disclosure form for each named author. Create one .ZIP archive containing all of the completed disclosure forms. Then return to the web site and attach your completed disclosure form .ZIP archive using the provided file upload field on the online submit abstract form. Once uploaded it will automatically be attached to your submission. All author disclosure forms are required in order to submit an abstract.

When completing the fillable disclosure form, please double click directly on all checkboxes that you intend to be "checked", or else the box will not appear as checked. Once you've completed the fillable disclosure form, save it with a different file name than the original fillable form. Make sure you select your saved disclosure form, not the blank original, for upload when you are completing the online abstract submission form.

Abstract Deadline: February 23, 2021 (Firm)

Abstract submission is now closed for this year's meeting.

Members, residents, medical students and nonmembers are encouraged to submit abstracts for presentation during the scientific sessions on Friday, June 4 2021.

Abstracts accepted for presentation will be 5 minutes in length.

Residents will be permitted to present one paper each. There is no restriction to the resident being a coauthor of other papers.

Instructions for Submitting an Abstract:

Audiovisual Equipment at the Conference:

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